OCComestibles brings you the vibrancy and vivacity of Orange County's finest food.

From freshly-made spring rolls in a Little Saigon hole-in-the-wall to sizzling scallops off the coast of Newport Beach, OC Comestibles captures the essence of Orange County's culinary culture. OC Comestibles illustrates food. I want you to taste, smell, and feel all of what Orange County has to offer. All you need is your eyes.

OC Comestibles began as a simple way to share delicious food and recipes with loved ones. One of my early photos illustrated my own recipe for Megalicious Meatballs which was featured in Food and Wine, and I realized there are so many people with the same enthusiasm for culinary discovery. Today, OC Comestibles works to provide quality photography and coverage for the best cuisine Orange County has to offer. I create more than just an image. I capture the experience of food—the passion, the flavor, the sensuality, and the beauty. You get a portrait good enough to eat. A comestible.


O.C. Restaurants

I am always exploring Orange County for exciting cuisine.

Home Cooking

Taking the first bite into a new recipe is incredible every time


Cake is the second best way to end a meal. The first is cake and ice cream.


Nothing is more exhilarating than shooting at foodie events and showcasing the chefs' talents.

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